The Reburn Mission.

Social media is making people want to look hotter, be more popular, do more exciting things, be richer and continually look over the fence at the greener grass on the other side. It makes your own life seem unsatisfactory and makes a person just want to be like that person they see online that has the image of doing so much better than them. This puts immense pressure on individuals and leads to a sub standard life of constantly wanting more.

Journaling is the concept of writing down your thoughts and feelings so that you can emotionally process an event or situation and therefor prevent them from whirling around in your head and causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. It allows you to clarify your thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge. It is a powerful problem solving tool, enabling you to hash out your problems and quite often enables you to come up with a solution yourself.

The Reburn mission is to allow a platform where you can write down your thoughts and feelings and process them in a personal way. It is completely anonymous and there is no feedback from others so you dont have to worry about who is reading and what they will say, comment or emoji on your situation. You can log in at a later date and see what you wrote and add to your original post to enable others who read your story to see what worked for you. This will help others to try your solutions in their own though process.


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